Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting


Onlive Server is the best Windows VPS Hosting Platform offers you such remarkable benefits that no other kind of Web Hosting can offer you so before hosting your sites on Windows VPS Hosting you should make an instant decision to try our Windows VPS Server Hosting and you will know the exact reasons why we have emerged as the best Windows VPS Server Hosting provider in the web hosting industry.

What is Windows VPS hosting?


Windows VPS hosting is a method of hosting servers, applications, and websites on a virtual server or in a Virtual Private Server. Each virtual machine has its own OS. So that multiple machines can run different operating systems on one physical machine. The architecture of windows VPS hosting provides users with more opportunities as they choose an operating system. Windows VPS Server also allows sharing resources by attaching them to multi virtual machines with different OSes. In addition, users can install any windows software into their own server and apply patches by themselves. It is flexible because you are able to tweak any component inside your server based on your actual business needs. For instance, if your website requires high-performance hardware and greater resources then you will be allowed to create these environments within your windows VPS environment.

How does Windows VPS Hosting work?


Windows virtual private server hosting relies on virtualization to give users a single, isolated computer. The Windows Server serves as a host that shares its CPU and RAM with many individual users. This approach allows more people to access each Windows server, so even though there’s only one physical machine, it may still have more system resources than a dedicated server could offer. As with other types of hosting services, you’ll need to manage your own operating system updates and applications and you won’t be able to log into your Virtual Private Server directly; you’ll need to work through your web host instead.

With Windows VPS Hosting, you can install nearly any type of software. If a program works on regular Windows servers or desktops—including everything from big-name programs like Adobe Photoshop to niche software for managing professional sports teams—it should also run just fine on your Virtual Private Server account. In addition, most versions of SQL database management systems will also run smoothly under these conditions and most WordPress blogs are easy enough to set up without issue thanks to auto-installation tools such as. Despite being highly flexible in terms of what types of sites you can run here.

Features of Windows VPS hosting


Onlive Server offers four windows VPS Hosting plans namely Basic Plan, Business Plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise plan. The Basic Plan comes with 1GB memory space, 25GB storage space, and 2 IP addresses. This is a great choice for those who have a limited budget to spend on their website. In case you need more storage space or memory space you can contact our tech support department and ask them to upgrade your plan free of cost. The Pro Plan comes with 3 GB memory space, 50 GB storage space, and 4 IP addresses. If you are planning to buy a web host in the future we highly recommend going for this plan as it has unlimited upgrades available to date. There is no restriction on resources at all in such upgraded packages.

Main benefits of using Windows VPS Hosting


VPS hosting is much more secure than shared web hosting. As it allows you to choose your own OS, applications, and hardware. It offers complete control of dedicated resources at an affordable price. The feature enables users to run both Windows and Linux-based Operating Systems. You can easily manage all servers from a single control panel which is with Windows VPS hosting plan, you will have a free cPanel license for 1 month which would allow you to upload unlimited domains with our cPanel license.

Now it’s time for us to discuss step by step how to purchase a windows VPS server from Onlive Server. There are three different ways through which one can purchase windows virtual private server that includes choosing a plan, selecting a payment method, and lastly adding a domain name. Choose any of two plans (Shared or Dedicated) that suit your needs best according to disk space requirements, bandwidth, etc. Note: Bandwidth comes out of the box in Shared Windows Web Hosting Packages whereas in the case of Dedicated Windows Web Hosting Packages users need to upgrade their bandwidth if required.

Security & Reliability of a Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Server will give you the best security because its operating system is stable and well-maintained by Onlive Server engineers. The Windows Operating System will run efficiently on your server and give the best results according to your expectations. The clients who are looking for affordable Windows Web Hosting service must visit Onlive Server now for immediate results. VPS Cloud Server There are many competitors of windows VPS hosting but their services are not reliable as Onlive. We provide 30 Days Money Back Guarantee with all our plans. So that clients can get it back in case of unsatisfied services from us. They can also ask for a full refund if they get a closed issue with our VPS plan within one month from the date of purchase which means that it does not contain any hidden charges

Conclusion –

"<yoastmarkIt is an excellent all-around option for any company looking to go online with their website. With the ability to develop in ASP/.NET or PHP, you have complete control over how you build your online presence on our tried-and-true hosting infrastructure