Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

Power and Funny. Achieve more control with our low-cost Cheap Linux VPS solutions

Tame the outlandish point of VPS with Linux and embark on your journey towards online success. Onlive Server Linux VPS features a custom user configuration that helps you have more than conventional VPS offers.

The right time to swap over to a Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

The best time to transfer from shared hosts is when resources on your website begin running short due to traffic surges. You may alternatively boost to a Cheap Linux VPS Hosting while launching resource-intensive apps that may not handle just as well on a Shared Hosting platform.

Why Switch to Linux VPS Server with Onlive Server?

The exact first reason that necessitates you to move on to a Linux VPS Hosting is the cost-efficiency. If compared with Windows VPS Server. Another’s the reason can be the level of scalability it offers. A shared hosting plan furnishes meager resources which may not be sufficient enough for your business with a huge volume of traffic.

How Much Does Linux VPS Hosting from Onlive Server Cost?

If you want to hire the cheap Linux VPS hosting from Onlive Server then you need to choose a package that suits your requirements and make payment. For the best cheap VPS server hosting, we have minimum plans from $9/Mo (with 1GB Ram, 500GB of Disk Space, and 100Mbps Bandwidth). You can check out all our plans under Open Plans & KVM Plans. Once you’ve made your choice and paid for your desired plan, our system will automatically set up your server within 24 Hours. We also give some discounts to new customers who are going to purchase their first VPS Server with us. Hurry Up! Grab Our Deals before they expire! Don’t wait anymore! There are many other services apart from cheap VPS hosting like Dedicated servers, Reseller Hosting, and Domain Name registration that you can take advantage of with discounts offered here.

In addition to discount codes, we frequently publish some offers such as Free Setup with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee policy where you get 30 days money-back guarantee in case if any issue occurs during your service period with unlimited bandwidth and resources backed up 99.9%. It means whether using full memory or bandwidth allocation; we won’t charge even a penny for it.

What is the maximum RAM Linux VPS Hosting package?

RAM is measured in MB and can be bought in any increment. Onlive Server offers 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB increments. The more RAM you get, the more you’ll save. For example, a 1GB account will cost $9/month while an 8GB package would cost $18/month. In most cases, people tend to use between 1-2 GB of RAM depending on what they want to run on their server so we recommend going with at least 2 GB just to have enough room for future growth and expansion of your site if necessary.

It also shouldn’t add too much to your monthly bill since it’s already fairly cheap. A better question is why buy less than what you need? It doesn’t create sense from a business perspective. Also, keep in mind that our system automatically scales up when needed which means that nothing should crash because of running out of memory.

Best Value in Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

The major benefit is that it offers a possibility to use a web hosting service on Low Balance Budget. This hosting platform is available to users at an amazingly cheap price. You can even get hosted with zero investment. It does not cost any subscription fee and there are no hidden charges. In other words, you are only required to pay for what you need. Use instead of paying for a fully-fledged package which may not be required by you at all. With zero investment, it could still prove quite helpful in getting your website hosted without spending much money at all on its maintenance and development. Among various hosting plans offered by Onlive Server. The cheap Linux VPS Hosting plan provides excellent features as well as values at an affordable cost.

The step to purchase Cheap Linux VPS Hosting: Before deciding upon purchasing a Cheap Linux VPS Hosting plan from Onlive Server. Check out some reviews or read blogs related to these products. Nowadays a lot of companies are trying their best in providing low-budget web hosting but actually, we should make a wise choice between them. The features such as Storage capacity or Bandwidth provided will depend upon how many domains would you like to host with them.

Conclusion: –

Choosing the right Cheap Linux VPS Hosting for your website can be a time-consuming, difficult process. Onlive Server has made the journey easier by providing affordable WordPress plans to customers with all levels of experience. With a one-click install process and instant setup. Onlive Server ensures that you will be enjoying a stable and fast server in minutes. Their servers are equipped with the latest hardware, robust security features, and simple but powerful management tools. It is only because of the advantages it offers. That this form of hosting is gaining importance and popularity every passing day.