WordPress Website Hosting


To host a WordPress website, your necessity to have webspace hosting with a reliable company. Onlive Server is one such company that provides WordPress website hosting services for businesses and individuals. Onlive takes care of data safety and offers unlimited web space for your WordPress site. Get the best website hosting by WP Engine. Get the latest WordPress web hosting by Onlive Server, powered by WP Engine, verified with popular plug-ins that can help your customer succeed, trust our service and experience because we are created to make you succeed.

What is WordPress Website Hosting?

WordPress Website Hosting is an easy solution for many individuals and businesses who are looking to take the next step in their business and want a great website at an affordable price. Why buy your own server? WordPress website hosting offers you all the benefits of owning your own dedicated server, but presents your site to potential customers on multi-tenant servers! This means that more than one user can access your WordPress site. The best part is that you do not have to worry about wasted bandwidth or overloading a server with junk traffic, which is where self-hosted WordPress websites get bogged down.

What can be the Positive Aspects of Having a WordPress Website Hosting?

Whether you are considering hosting a new website or want to upgrade an existing WordPress site, buy a WordPress website from a trustworthy hosting provider. Our web hosting has been optimized for WordPress, making running and managing your website easy. An experienced support team is available 24/7 to address your questions. Our servers are equipped with the best technology, including SSD drives and Intel Xeon processors, which means your site will load quickly even on slow connections. Managed WordPress hosts offer security services like one-click website backups and daily malware scans, helping to keep your site secure at all times.

WordPress Website Hosting with The Ideal Setting for Your Success

Find the best WordPress hosting plans to support your blog or website. Whether you’re looking for a full package, or need something simpler, our extensive selection of options lets you choose what’s best. Available in both monthly and annual terms, most of our plans include Fast, reliable hosting from an award-winning provider; Automatic plugin updates; Free web builder; Secure servers also protect your site’s content against malware and hackers; Easy-to-use control panel includes up-sells and branding capabilities.

The hosting company that loves WordPress

Searching for a place to host your business website? You’re at the right place. WordPress is the greatest widespread and powerful content management system. Whether you need a blog or an online store, our hosting will help you run your business faster and easier. With an Onlive Server, you can host your WordPress website with just a few clicks. Our optimized cloud hosting platform is more powerful and secure than most traditional hosting platforms… no technical experience necessary. Stop paying too much for the same old web hosting and take advantage of the Onlive Server today!

Enterprise Servers with LightSpeed

Choose from LightSpeed Enterprise, Pro, and Ultimate with cPanel and Softaculous. All of our Enterprise packages are fully-managed WordPress Hosting with expert support staff. We also offer Business Website Builder, Fully-redundant Datacenter, 1-Click Installs, Free SSLs, Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins, and 24/7/365 Customer Support. See the difference enterprise hosting with LightSpeed can make for your business. Fast, secure, and reliable servers with cloud SSD storage, cPanel for easy website management, WordPress and WHMCS installation, and support from our in-house team.

WordPress Booster

Buy WordPress hosting and create a website in minutes. Get the latest version of WordPress, one-click installer, free domain name, and more. Our cPanel-powered cloud hosting platform is built on super-fast, proprietary servers that are faster than our competitors and as secure as your data requires. In addition to industry-leading WordPress hosting, get eCommerce options, unlimited email addresses, and auto-installer apps for popular services. Plus enjoy enterprise server-level speeds and a trusted WordPress hosting partner.

WordPress Expert

Millions of websites make WordPress the most popular content management system in the world. With a WordPress website, you can build a website that’s easy to use and manage but still works for your business. Easy for you means more business for them. Our enterprise dedicated hosting packages allows you to run a simple blog or host multiple high-traffic websites with over 100,000 visitors every month. Boost your business with a WordPress website hosting plan on UK’s fastest, most reliable dedicated servers. No matter what you do, our package of fully managed plans is always available for you.

Reason Why Choose the WordPress Website Hosting?

The beauty of WordPress is that it’s incredibly easy to use even if you have no coding skills – just install, create or edit content, and reveal a beautiful new website! We’ve made the process even easier by choosing the best web hosting service for the WordPress ecosystem, which will manage your server 24/7, giving you peace of mind that your website will always be online and ready to serve traffic. Onlive’s hosting is faster because our global network flies your website on dedicated premium servers that are closer to your customers and use state-of-the-art SSD drives, not spinning disks. OnLive eliminates the distance between your business and its customers. Having your own enterprise web hosting will give you priority access to a global network of servers.

Planning your next innovation With WordPress Website Hosting

Have you been thinking about getting or designing your own WordPress website? But don’t know if the process will be complicated? WordPress is one of the biggest and most flexible CMS available. But it is primarily designed for personal usage and there are a lot of different things to take into consideration. If you have your heart set on using this platform for your next business venture. We offer reliable, affordable, and fast web hosting for those who wish to use WordPress.As the engine for their site. There are many companies that will try to sell you their own, proprietary hosting deals. But we believe in offering what’s best for your business and will put all our efforts into helping you make an informed decision. Use WordPress with professional-grade hosting services. Without having to pay double or triple the price fees that so many other providers charge.

Onlive Server offers the Best WordPress Hosting plans with features like unlimited email accounts, themes installation, database access, free migration assistance, and much more. And also gives reliable flexible customer support at 24/7 hours without hidden charges.


So, we have deliberated a lot of things today. We have looked at various aspects of website hosting. We have talked about the different WordPress hosting providers that are currently available in the market. These all influences will help you in making a decision about the kind of hosting plan to select for your WordPress-powered websites.

Selecting the best WordPress hosting service provider shouldn’t be tough. The checklist above will help you to go over what you want before making your choice. Recall web hosting is the backbone of your website; it will disturb the overall performance of your website. Consequently, you need the best hosting provider that has all the factors that are suitable for your website and business.