Virtual Private Server (VPS) cloud servers are an excellent alternative to the more expensive dedicated server solution, offering all the benefits of the latter while maintaining low cost and convenient scalability and accessibility. If you are looking for a professional way to host your data and services. Onlive Server provides the elastic VPS cloud server solutions that empower our customers to deploy new services quickly, manage them efficiently, and scale them up or down as needed on demand.

What are Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

VPS, also known as Virtual Private Server is a form of dedicated hosting, but with several additional features. With VPS, multiple customers are able to host their websites on one physical machine. The customers share resources like hard drive space and RAM, which means that all users will experience some lag. They each have full control over. Their resources and are not at risk of having their bandwidth or disk space taken up by another user. In most cases, customers can log into their virtual servers with root access; they can install new applications, change settings and configurations. They see fit without being told by another entity what they are allowed to do with their machine(s).

How can VPS Server create your Business?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting provider. Users can create and control isolated environments, called Virtual Private Servers, on one or more physical systems. This technology is also known as virtual hosting, especially in cases where physically separate servers are run using techniques such as hardware partitioning or virtualization software. You can consider your Personal Server like a dedicated server without having to buy one, and others which means that you will have full access to the root account and do anything with it.

Stunning features

Our servers are available worldwide with instant activation. We use high-quality hardware from Super-micro and built our own data center located in many countries. That your VPS cloud server can be hosted on a reliable network, with backup power and a fire extinguishing system. Our customers can choose their preferred location to create their personalized VPS cloud within a few minutes without any effort!


Companies who aren’t able to depend on their IT systems are taking unnecessary risks with their businesses—and in a highly competitive marketplace, that’s not a gamble many companies can afford to take. What do you do if your current hosting company doesn’t provide reliable services? You look elsewhere. And that’s why so many hosting providers market themselves based on reliability: because they know it sells—but is that really how they stack up?

How do Onlive Server at help you

Onlive Server offers a new generation of services that enable our customers to deploy and manage their products anywhere, anytime. Customers can easily create a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to host any of their applications and websites on our infrastructure, giving them complete control over their IT environment. Onlive Server’s VPS Cloud is designed with ease-of-use in mind, providing all of our customers with an intuitive user interface. Where they can deploy new environments in minutes.


In data center, a Data Center is a central facility that contains computer systems and associated components, used to house and support distributed computing applications. If you want to make better your business choose Onlive Server’s Linux shared hosting at a cheap price. A large data center can contain thousands of servers. These facilities process huge amounts of information and have extremely sophisticated electrical power systems: natural-gas provisioning systems, and various forms of network connectivity.