Onlive Server offers reliable and affordable Germany VPS Server packages. Our VPS servers are available with a number of different specifications including GB RAM, CPUs, and storage capacities to fit the needs of any kind of website, application, or business endeavour you can think of, Additionally. We offer multiple locations around the world to choose from, giving you complete control over. How your data is stored and how quickly it can be accessed no matter where you are located. For more information on our Germany VPS Server Hosting services, please contact us today.

What is VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are servers hosted on a virtualized platform that allow users to have complete control over their environment. VPS’s are much more reliable than Shared Hosting due to fewer users per server and individual resource allocations by default. Also, unlike shared hosting, where you’re sharing your resources with all of your website visitors, a Virtual Private Server is only accessible by you, giving you full control of your server. With a VPS server hosting plan from Onlive Server, we guarantee security. Your business web site with an industry-leading 99% uptime guarantee backed by superior SLA’s.

How does VPS Hosting Work

Normally, websites are hosted on dedicated servers that run 24/7. You get a full physical server to yourself, but these things aren’t cheap – usually high price. With VPS hosting, you share a server with other customers of your hosting provider. The benefit is that you only pay for resources you actually use (RAM, CPU cycles), saving money over traditional shared hosting, your website can be down if another customer on your server is hogging all of those resources… which leads us to.

99% network Uptime Guarantee – 24/7 monitoring

With our 99% network uptime guarantee, you can sleep well at night knowing that your site is up and running whenever you need it. We’re able to maintain such a high level of performance thanks to our 24/7 monitoring. Which keeps an eye on your Germany VPS server at all times. If there’s ever an issue with your service, we immediately respond via chat or phone—or even remote desktop into your virtual machine if necessary. No other provider offers such comprehensive protection for their clients—guaranteed.

Onlive Server has a 99% network uptime guarantee. This means your Germany VPS server will be online 24/7 as we offer around-the-clock monitoring. We also maintain a vast network of redundant, state-of-the-art data centers to ensure that. Your website or mail service is available all of the time, even during unforeseen problems in local area networks (LANs). You will never have to worry about network downtime with the Our VPS Server plan. Our provider uses gigabit switches & multiple fiber optic links between data centers to deliver superior reliability and greater bandwidth availability. Their automated load balancing ensures that our servers are always working at optimum levels.

No hidden costs

We guarantee you won’t pay any hidden costs when you host your Germany VPS Server with us. If anything goes wrong, we’ll let you know before you sign up. We have a support team that will be happy to help with whatever questions or concerns. You might have, so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises either. Most people are uncomfortable signing up for new services online. They don’t want to get stuck with a monthly bill for something. They don’t use or in case something goes wrong. We understand that worry: which is why we go out of our. Way to give potential customers a clear idea of what their experience is going to be like using. Our services from day one.


Germany is a rich country with a rich history of high-quality technology. With everything going on in German culture. It’s not surprising that there is an endless supply of creative solutions to all your hosting needs. Onlive Server offers extremely reliable and affordable German VPS Server Hosting services that are backed by professional, friendly customer support staff who will go out of their way to help you get. What you need from your host service provider. We provide 24/7 monitoring and 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our clients so that they can feel secure about their online presence, knowing their data is safe with us at all times. So stop searching all. Over web for cheap VPS server hosting Germany plans because we have them right here ready to use today.