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Opt Top tactics to Book Domain Name Online

Picking up a domain name is just not limited to the web address of the site. It is far beyond than that. The domain name will act like brand ambassador for your business for the years to come. Before starting the registration process, it is essential to see the things properly so that all your requirements are properly met. Listed below are a few tips that will help you in book domain name online and search.

Things to remember before you buy a domain name

There are certain things to keep in mind before you buy a domain name. They are as listed below

  1. See the competition

Before going ahead and Book Domain Name Online for yourself, check the domain name of your competitors in the industry. See what all keywords they have used in the domain name and what is their extension. Whatever is used right side is the extension also known as TLD. Accordingly, decide on the domain name and check the domain availability.

2. Choose an easy to remember domain

Whatever is the ranking of your website on google, it is important that you use an easy-to-remember domain name. A domain name should be such that a client can easily recite it. This means that you have to restrict your creativity, but it is usually not easy to remember a domain name with difficult spellings or numerous hyphens or numbers.  The domain name should be such that people can type easily and even tell others verbally. This process in the industry of domain name is called radio test. Another important thing to remember is that you should not use such a name that may have one or more common spellings.

3. Do not use any slang in your domain name

The domain should be an appealing one. Using slang will affect negatively. Your target audience will not like such language. For long-term success, you need to use correct words that the audience picks up. For long-term success a domain name with classic appeal is necessary. It should be something that fades away from the audience’s mind with time. In case if you want to use slang then go for the one that is globally recognized.

4. Choose short names

We have already seen that a good name is one that is easy to remember. Here if you shorten the name, it can be helpful. People tend to forget long names and at times they can spell wrong. Use your creativity and search for of box domain names online. It is good to check the domain availability prior to registering.

5. Think for something other than .com

On average, the length of the .com name is limited to 15 characters. With the passing day, the internet has also seen growth. This means many domain extensions have also been released. There are around 300 extensions today being used. You can go beyond .com and look for other domain extensions as well. Sticking with .com means that you are left with a limited choice of domain names as .com is the oldest extension being used.

6) Check social media accounts

Before you register a domain name, check if the same name is already being used on any social media handle. To build a strong brand it is important that the domain of client and social media handles to match. This will make your visitors more confident about your brand. They will further trust you more when you share any new stuff.

7. Do not use any trademark

Today there are numerous domain extensions available in present times. So a dishonest person may try to play on the reputation of a successful brand. This can be understood by the example of Nike. Suppose you are selling some footwear and you opt for a domain name with Nike paired to it with some extension. Your client may be impressed but soon you will be caught by the Nike legal division. Sometimes you may not do it intentionally but your sure to be caught this way. Do not copy any other brand’s idea. Be original create your own unique domain name.

8. Protect your brand

Suppose you have already trademarked your Book Domain Name. But still, the chances are high that someone may copy your name without legal implications. Someone can use the same domain name like yours with a different extension. So when you register a domain name take a step further in protecting the domain name.

9. Using hyphens

Suppose your domain name is formed from the combination of two names. Then you might be tempted to use a hyphen in between. There is no wrong in doing so. But the problem lies in the fact that your audience may not remember it. Earlier it was a notion that domain names with hyphens search well on search engines but today the story is the opposite. Today search engines relate hyphenated domains as spammers.

10. Avoid numbers

Just like hyphens even the numbers should be restricted. Using numbers can confuse the audience and it gets difficult for them to remember the domain name. There are also chances that you spell the domain name wrong. So, choose a simple easy to spell and remember domain name.

These are the few tips that can help you in choosing a perfect domain name. Follow these tips, check website domain registration steps and go ahead and final that perfect domain name for your business that will help your business to reach new heights.